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Sci-Fi and Horror Short Film Block | Late Night

  • 240 mins

Late Night- Sci-Fi and Horror Short Film Block

Explore the outer limits of imagination and adrenaline-pumping action with our Sci-Fi and Action Shorts block. These films catapult you into futuristic worlds, alternate dimensions, and high-octane adventures. Brace yourself for mind-bending concepts, cutting-edge special effects, and heart-racing sequences in this electrifying cinematic experience.

Filmmakers in attendance for Q&A following the film screening.


Date: Thursday, November 16th

Venue: Digital Gym Cinema

Time: 6 pm

In this program

Mirror-The Banishing

Directed by Carlo Baltazar

Mirror- the banishing Directed by Carlo Baltazar After the mysterious disappearance of her best friend Lily, Kailey struggles…

The Mad Doctor of The Intercontinental Hotel

Directed by Michael Shane Bowles

While on a self-guided ghost tour, a haunted house enthusiast attempts to separate fact from fiction by summoning The Mad Doctor of The Intercontinental Hotel.

I, Lucifer

Directed by Gil Carde

Witness a retelling of the classic Adam and Eve story from the bible… But, from a different point of view. Lucifer’s point of view.

Paper Trail

Directed by Derrick Acosta

Johnny awakes one day to find an ominous note. He doesn’t know where it came from or how it got into his house. He tries to decipher it’s cryptic message before it’s too late.

Heaven & Hell

Directed by Rich Varville

A coming of age story about a young woman discovering the fate of all mankind is in her hands.

Botworks! Episode I

Directed by William Wall

The Bots of Botworks are up to no good when left alone in the robot factory!


Directed by Justin Burquist

An apathetic police unit brings in a mysterious young woman to help solve a grisly homicide.

The Pumpkin Patch 2

Directed by bless williams

The Pumpkin Patch 2 Directed by Bless Williams Inspired by the enchanting prose of Virginia L. Grant’s 2009…