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The Pumpkin Patch 2

Directed by bless williams

The Pumpkin Patch 2

Directed by Bless Williams

Inspired by the enchanting prose of Virginia L. Grant’s 2009 work, ‘Magic in the Pumpkin Patch,’ our short film unfolds a mesmerizing tale. As the story unfolds, it weaves a captivating narrative, drawing viewers into a world where the pumpkin patch holds secrets and wonders waiting to be discovered. With Grant’s inspiration as our guiding light, our film invites you to experience the enchantment, mystery, and magic that lies within the heart of the pumpkin patch.


Get to know the Director Bless Williams

Bless Williams, a filmmaker located in San Diego, holds a Bachelor’s degree from Platt College. His short film “Santa’s Warehouse” has been featured at various festivals nationwide. Presently, he is in the midst of creating another captivating short horror film.

Plays in

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