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Directed by Bridget Rose Taylor


Directed by Bridget Rose Taylor

After Eddie, a young woman, has an uncharacteristically promiscuous weekend, she is forced to confront her sexual insecurities whilst battling a raging STD.


Get to know the Director Bridget Rose Taylor

On top of being a director and cinematographer, Bridget is a comedy writer who loves introducing serious topics with a smile. Through her college experience, she has worked on countless short films and multiple feature films. She is part of an all-women production company called No Storage Productions where she has been able to direct and film commercials and music videos. Most of her projects combine two of her favorite things: beautiful filmmaking and the grotesque female experience.

Plays in

Short Film Block | A Woman’s Place

  A Woman’s Place- Short Film Block Celebrate the creative brilliance of women in the local film industry…

Dates & Times


Digital Gym Cinema

Sun, Nov 12
2:00 pm