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Short Film Block | A Woman’s Place

  • 90 mins


A Woman’s Place- Short Film Block

Celebrate the creative brilliance of women in the local film industry with this collection of short films. These works highlight the unique perspectives, artistic talents, and storytelling prowess of female directors, writers, and producers. From thought-provoking dramas to heartwarming comedies and everything in between, this block showcases the diverse voices and narratives of women in film.

Filmmakers in attendance for Q&A following the film screening.


Date: Sunday, November 12th

Venue: Digital Gym Cinema

Time: 2pm

In this program

Femme De Heist

Directed by Don Tolentino, Fernando Jay Huerto

A young woman must outsmart multiple teams all fighting to steal a priceless watercolor.

Future Leftovers

Directed by Abner Vargas

In the midst of a global crisis, Aylin, a fiercely independent and self-reliant woman, finds herself unexpectedly unemployed and grapples with her newfound circumstances by turning to the digital world for solace. While her virtual fantasy offers a temporary relief, the disconnect from her emotions starts to take a toll on her well-being.


Directed by Bridget Rose Taylor

After Eddie, a young woman, has an uncharacteristically promiscuous weekend, she is forced to confront her sexual insecurities whilst battling a raging STD.

Wading through the memories of her crazy weekend, Eddie frantically searches WebMD to explain her itchy symptoms down there. She clicks on a video where Cherry, an energetic nurse, lists the million reasons why Eddie could be experiencing discomfort–it ranges from sweat, to pregnancy, to death. This scare sends her to the doctor where it is confirmed that she has Gonorrhea. There she also confirms that she has no idea who gave it to her. Was it the Sexy Coworker, the Mysterious Bartender, or The Boy Next
Door? Despite doing everything in her power to avoid discussing sex, Eddie must confide in her best friend Merri to get the support she needs. After some well-needed girl time, they figure out that it could only be one of the men. The final confrontation is geared to
be combative, but when it’s revealed that he was totally unaware of his infection, they proceed to a first date at an STD clinic.

The Last Butterflies

Directed by Patrick Rea

After a collection of environmental disasters lead society to the brink of collapse a young mother must find ways to survive with her small child as they navigate the near-future apocalypse.


Directed by Aiden Keltner

Based on the true stories of many families, Amazing Grace tells the story of a single mother caring for her adult son with schizophrenia.

Sixteen Going on Forever

Directed by Anika Hemlata Sejpal

An experimental short on turning sixteen, identity, and love.

Dates & Times


Digital Gym Cinema

Sun, Nov 12
2:00 pm