Producer’s Conference at San Diego Film Week

  • 270 mins

The first ever Producer’s Conference at San Diego Film Week will cover the various complex topics of importance to producers or those interested in becoming successful producers in the film industry.    This 1/2 day conference will feature four workshops and panels on a variety of relevant topics to producers.  Tentative panels and workshops include:

Finding Fundable and Marketable Projects (Panel)

Film Finance 101  (Workshop)

Team Work! Put the right team together (Workshop)

Production Logistics: Keeping it together  (Workshop)

Post Production and Distribution Process and Pitfalls  (Workshop)


Date:  Saturday April 25th from 3:00 PM to 7:30PM

Location:  TBD

Cost:  $75

Dates & Times
Unknown Venue

Tue, Aug 25
3:00 pm