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  • 120 mins

Our students collaborate with faculty to develop and realize their creative potential as artists, scholars, leaders, and global citizens. We practice diversity, equity, and inclusion and support pluralism through theoretical explorations and practical experience in theatre, television, and film. Our pedagogical approach leads students from critical analysis through problem solving into practical action and the realization of art, scholarship, and transformational educational experiences.

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In this program

The Sounds of State

Directed by Sara Rhamy

A documentary about the culture of KCR College Radio, from its humble beginnings to its award-winning success and recognition.


Directed by Bruno Mulligan

After risking the family’s finances to his addiction, John takes a deal from a loan shark in an attempt to win back the money he lost.


Directed by Surya Ranganathan Iyer

A woman in an abusive relationship must choose between her family and her independence.


Directed by Chloe Cummings

Struggling through their strained relationship, a troubled teen and his father run into danger.


Directed by Kyle DeGuzman

Robby, amidst a recent break up, finds himself coping with the agony of heartbreak by indulging in a pill that allows him to relive his past with his ex-lover Emma. As he relives these memories, he finds that some are blissful while others are painfully not. Despite this, Robby finds himself addicted to his memories.

Alone Together

Directed by Erin Martinez

After breaking off their budding relationship, Julian and Devon struggle to return to their lonely lives apart. With a unique storytelling device, the audience is able to view two characters’ stories at once.

A Pursuit of Falling

Directed by Sean Brandt

Francis discovers something peculiar in the back closet of a laundromat. When his girlfriend June has the same experience, the results do not go well for their relationship.