Star Wars: The Toys Awaken

Directed by Raymond Montemayor

Cast: Cecilia Martin, David S. Dawson, Edwin Frank Ortiz, Maliya Montemayor, Nora Montemayor, Raymond Montemayor, Robert Nixon, Taylor Koster, Whitton Frank

On the opening night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, a seven-year-old girl’s Star Wars toys come to life. They learn who they are and set off on an adventure to help their young companion as she heads out to watch The Force Awakens.


Plays in

Best of LA and SD Shorts Program

Los Angeles is the mecca of film production and just hours away from our beautiful city. This block features some of San Diego’s strongest short films alongside some of the best short films LA independent filmmakers have produced. Working together with New Filmmakers LA, we’ll get a taste of what our two film communities could do together. Networking is at it’s best during this block of films. Learn more about NewFilmmakers LA at

Dates & Times
Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri Apr 19
8:00 pm