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Missed Kiss

48 & 1/2

Film 48 & 1/2 Directed by Micah Moore A group of young filmmakers struggle to make a film in 48 hours.
Drama Queen


Film Absolved Directed by Ralph Blanchard A recently ordained Catholic priest must endure a surprising confession from his mother during the holidays.

Fireflies in the Dusk

Film Fireflies in the Dusk Directed by Jonathan Hammond An old-timey maiden falls through a time hole in and meets a modern-day dashing bro.
Drama Queen

Happy Birthday or Felicidades

Film Happy Birthday or Felicidades Directed by Jared Jacobsen A struggling mother takes her twins on a chaotic birthday road trip. As a Tijuana cop becomes an…
Missed Kiss


Film Hero Two quarrelling brothers set out on an adventure in their neighborhood and discover what it means to be…
The Thirteenth Hour

Inanimate Objects Don’t Talk Back

Film Inanimate Objects Don’t Talk Back Directed by Ian Tripp Dale and Marty, estranged best friends, go on a day trip of errands and hangouts around town as…


Film Isabel Directed by Jonathan Hammond The last thing Isabel wanted was a caretaker. The last thing she expected was Taryn.
Missed Kiss


Film Lucky Directed by Riley Wood Lucky is a pilot/short film about an average Joe who wins the lottery and what he and his…

Mega64: God of War

Film Mega64: God of War Directed by Mega64 The God of War uses his powers to Recall his mighty axe, but he left his axe REALLY…


Film PLACE Directed by Jason Gudasz Lauren moves into a house with her daughter and boyfriend wanting a fresh start. But the spirits of…

Santa Fe Station

Film Santa Fe Station Directed by Susan Davis An old lawman describes his past to a stranger he meets in a train station.
The Thirteenth Hour

Mega64: SNK 40th anniversary collection – Trailer

Film Mega64: SNK 40th anniversary collection – Trailer Directed by Mega64 This a commercial advertising the new video game collection from SNK, commemorating their 40 years in the business!


Film Unlocked Directed by Fernando Jay Huerto A janitor takes a bet from a sports hypnotherapist to unlock his full potential.
Rock Block: Music Video Mixer at the Whistlestop Bar

When I’m With You

Film When I’m With You Directed by RC Krueger RC KRUEGER