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Workshop | Post Production Sound in DaVinci Resolve

  • 120 mins

Post Production Sound in Davinci Resolve Presented by San Diego Media Pros
Friday, November 17, 3-5pm | Presented by Rich Varville from San Diego Media Pros

UCSD Park and Market

1100 Market Street

Room 321


This workshop focuses on post-production sound using DaVinci Resolve. Participants will learn how to enhance the audio quality of their films and video projects using this versatile software.

Meet the Presenter Rich Varville

“I was totally enamored with movies from a very young age. At 10 years old I was allowed to go see Star Wars with my friends. Without parental supervision!” Rich Varville says, “I lived on an Air Force base in Denver, Colorado so it was a fairly safe environment. That film made a huge impression on me as to what can be accomplished with some imagination.”Although, during his teen years, Rich fell in love with music. Learning to play the guitar at age 14, he would practice for hours every day. It was an obsession. That quickly evolved into wanting to perform on a stage. After being in entertainment for more than 30 years, of which the last ten years have been in filmmaking, Rich now finds himself producing and directing feature films among other forms of content. His current project, a high-profile political documentary, will be his fourth feature film followed by a psychological horror movie set to start filming in fall of 2024. “Sure there have been some cool awards along the journey but I don’t really get caught up in the hype. Nothing is more rewarding to me than creating a story and knowing how to turn it into something that can be viewed on a big screen and enjoyed by others.” Rich said. “So here I am. I’ve come full circle and I’m still a kid enamored with movies.” Rich Varville is the owner of RSVP FILMS LLC. A full service film production company based in San Diego, CA. He is proficient in Project Management, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound Design.

Participants will receive an Award of Completion for each workshop they attend.
2.0 quarter units will be given for those who attend the full week of sessions.

Note: For any questions, please contact: Morgan Appel ( or Britt Maxwell (

Course Number: HUM-80001
Credit: 2.00 unit(s)


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