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Comedy Short Film Block | Comic Relief

  • 90 mins

Comic Relief- Comedy Short Film Block

Get ready to laugh along with our Comedy Shorts block! These films are designed to tickle your funny bone and brighten your day. From witty one-liners to absurd situations, this collection of short comedies offers a delightful escape from reality. Prepare for a laughter-filled journey featuring quirky characters and hilarious escapades.

Filmmakers in attendance for Q&A following the film screening.

Date: Wednesday, November 15th

Venue: Digital Gym Cinema

Time: 8pm

In this program

A Gift For All Ages

Directed by Alicia Wszelaki, Russell Webb

A brand new “Golden Age of Hollywood” classic film about life, love, and, Christmas!

A cheerful stranger invades the home of a frustrated author and his wife. The odd fellow heartens a timeless gift for generations.

Hating Beckett

Directed by Matthew Gossin

A couple’s post-theater dinner date turns confrontational as the pair discuss the merits of Samuel Beckett’s Rough for Theatre II. Things escalate to the point of disclosed trauma, bitter recriminations and hurled bread rolls — and it becomes clear they have a few issues to work out.


Directed by Aimiende Negbenebor Sela

Part drama, part comedy with a hint of romance, Greek Philosophia and Chickens follows a sixty-something best-selling romance author who, feeling invisible as woman, hires an assassin to take her out. We meet Tessa on a day she’s decided that she’s had enough. She’s ending it all, only she can’t do it herself so she’s hired an assassin to do it for her. Satisfied with the order of her home affairs, she sets out to meet him, a man she chooses to name “Keith”. As the day progresses, Tessa encounters a chef/restaurant owner, Niko, and his vivacious waitress mother, Katina, from whom she learns a Greek philosophy/saying that really gets her thinking maybe…? I mean, she is Katina, a Greek woman in her late seventies who’s full of life and is dating a man ten years younger than her, so she may be right when she says, “the old chicken’s got the juice.”

Just Married — Italian Style

Directed by Anthony Palmiotto

When Angelo loses all his daughter’s wedding money betting on a horse named Cannoli at the track, he is forced to scale down her dream wedding and resurrect a long forgotten Italian wedding tradition.