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Student Short Film Block | Emerging Filmmakers

  • 90 mins

Emerging Filmmakers- Student Short Film Block

Witness the future of filmmaking with our Emerging Filmmakers block. These films represent the creativity and innovation of emerging local talent in the world of cinema. From experimental works to fresh takes on classic genres, these student filmmakers push the boundaries of storytelling and filmmaking techniques. Prepare to be surprised, inspired, and impressed by the next generation of auteurs.

Filmmakers in attendance for Q&A following the film screening.


Date: Sunday, November 19th

Venue: Digital Gym Cinema

Time: 5:00 pm

In this program


Directed by James Diego Abbott

When a man can no longer stand the blandness of his life and food, he’s met with an unexpected surprise. A mysterious ad appears on his parked car window. Enticed the man disposes of his current meal and by chance finds the origin of the mysterious slip of paper. He might find that this meal is more than he can handle.

Broken Arrow

Directed by Simon Homer

A cupid military trainee is on his last mission to earn his wings by fixing a relationship between an Instagram star and her personal assistant boyfriend. He never misses his shot until he shoots at the wrong target.

All The World’s A Stage

Directed by Alyssa Kuhl

All The World’s A Stage isn’t just about a part in a school play- it’s a journey through morality, privilege, and identity for students in the modern world.


Directed by Jessica Ebert

Nadia Alagara, a junior virologist, is called in to examine Patient Zero, a person infected with a deadly virus. The only known symptoms are a rush of blood to the head, causing excessive nosebleeds and violent behavior. Before the examination test, a security breach releases the patient. In a rush of panic to escape, she hits her face into a door, leading to an infrequent nosebleed. She hides inside Patient Zero’s observation room only for five other “doctors” to join her. They come to realize one of them is actually Patient Zero, blending in as a doctor. Anonymous to each other, they break down each other’s alibi and character to determine who is the patient. When Nadia’s nose bleeds, they force her out of the room to fend for herself among the infected. Escaping from the building, she confronts two security guards. The security guards notice Nadia’s nosebleed. Fearing for the worst — against Nadia’s will — they force her back into the building.

Say Nothin’ But a Word

Directed by Chantay Taylor

On a night where his artwork is being celebrated, a deaf painter who communicates in Black American Sign language must navigate a tense altercation with the police.

Dinner Served

A seemingly ordinary evening of cooking takes a chilling turn when a woman adds an unexpected ingredient to her finished meal.


Directed by Lucia Ledesma

Arabella is a troubled former writer working a dead-end job as a motel maid. She has struggled with survivor’s guilt since narrowly escaping a house fire that killed her beloved fiancé a few years prior. Arabella confesses her complex feelings to Emerson, a compassionate but enigmatic woman she meets while working. Emerson seems uncannily familiar, even possessing an identical scar to one Arabella got while escaping the fire. Their conversation inspires Arabella to confront her demons, and she expresses her feelings in a posthumous love letter to her fiancé. She also finds the courage to leave her abusive partner. As she drives away to freedom, it is revealed that Emerson is a manifestation of Arabella’s subconscious – a projection of her future self. Arabella realizes that she has come to her own rescue.

Dates & Times


Digital Gym Cinema

Sun, Nov 19
2:30 pm

Digital Gym Cinema

Sun, Nov 19
5:00 pm