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Dying to Learn

Directed by Leroy J. Barrett III

Dying to Learn

Directed by  Leroy J. Barrett III

It was just a typical day-in-the-life at school…until the shooting started.


Get to know the Director Leroy J. Barrett III

Leroy delivers nearly 40 years of professional writing experience to the project. He began as a Detroit lyricist in 1984, at the ripe age of 14, and has never stopped putting pen to paper. He is an author, playwright and screenwriter with multiple projects in progress. His book THE ORGANISM: BUSARA’S GAMBIT is the first of a powerful biopic series. It details the path of a group of average teenagers who became collegians who then built a drug empire from their campus as full-time students. The second book THE ORGANISM: MR. POPULAR is slated for a late 2023 release. Mr. Barrett is also working on an episodic TV series called ‘DHORUBA: BORN IN THE STORM’. It is a biopic tale of Dhoruba Al-Mujahid Bin Wahad, an original Black Panther Party member of New York and a founder of the Black Liberation Army. ‘DHORUBA’ unwraps the history of the Panther 21 incarceration with all of the violence, treachery, lies and betrayal involved. The series co-author is none less than the revolutionary Dhoruba Bin Wahad himself. Leroy excels at breathing the fire of life into indelible true-life stories that grip audiences. He’s delivered that flame to the heart of ‘Dying to Learn’.

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