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Saturday, November 19th: Tension Rising: Drama Shorts Block and Filmmaker Q&A

  • 120 mins

Join us for the San Diego Film Week screening of ‘Tension Rising: Drama Shorts Block” featuring drama short films made by local filmmakers.


Saturday, November 19th

3:30 pm to 5:30 pm


LOCATION: Museum of Photographic Arts

1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

PARKING: Free in Park

In this program


Directed by Nate Riedel

A woman isolated in quarantine ventures into the monotony of daily life in her apartment. She breaks free from the repetitive boredom and begins to appreciate the ordinary through a new lens. After quarantine, she hopes to keep that appreciation as a new normal begins.

One Day

Directed by Antonio Salinas

A reflection of today’s society through the eyes of a man who hopes for change one day.

The Game Of Fortune

Directed by Lenti Liang

In an attempt to escape his financial woes, a young drifter walks into a mysterious bar filled with shifty card-players who invite him to play a hand. After one innocent round turns into many, luck seems to be on his side, but for how long will his game of fortune last?


Directed by Sergio Lopez

A grieving brother tries to find the strength to write his twin’s eulogy.


Directed by Aiden Keltner

Abigail’s disconnection from her peers is magnified as she relives a past trauma in the middle of her high school art class.

Ang Motel

Directed by Jon Matthews

A young woman shares her motel room with an elderly Filipina woman, when she is stranded in a sleepy beach town.


Directed by Zachary L. Harris

As doctors attempt to save a young man from a drug overdose, years of hurt, anger and jealousy erupt as his family anxiously waits.


Directed by Micah Moore

A group of western diplomats and a Ukrainian ambassadors bunker down in their small safe house near Kyiv. From the north, the Russian forces steadily roll closer to the city, an unstoppable march promising to level everything in its path. From the west a NATO helicopter speeds to evacuate the government officials. From the east, the ambassadors wife races to meet her husband before evac has him depart the country. As time runs out, and communication breaks down, the group of men turn on each other, revealing their ruthlessness when faced with death.