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Saturday, November 19th: A Woman’s Place: Shorts Block and Filmmaker Q&A

  • 120 mins

Join us for the San Diego Film Week screening of ‘A Woman’s Place: Short Film Block’ featuring short films made by local student and professional women filmmakers.



Saturday, November 19th

1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


LOCATION: Museum of Photographic Arts

1649 El Prado, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

PARKING: Free in Park

In this program


Directed by Anika Hemlata Sejpal, Isabelle Margetts, Joshua Bae, Ria Khehar

A middle-aged married couple struggles to come to terms with the loss of their 8-year-old child. An Interaction with their neighbor’s son helps them to begin rekindling their relationship.

The Thought That Counts

Directed by Alyssa Kuhl, Zachary Cavor

A young girl struggles to write a eulogy as her inner thoughts manifest in a way she could never imagine.

Don’t Let Me Sink

Directed by Vu Diep Mai

Lily has just lost her husband and son, Marcos and Lucas, and is left behind with her two year old daughter, Mia. She is a former heroin addict and after ten years of sobriety, she finds herself down the path of temptation again as she struggles with her grief. Deep down she knows that if she decides to push that needle, there is no coming back. Is her love for Mia and her strength as a mother enough to keep her from sinking?


Directed by Melissa Vitello

A young military woman returns home from a tour of duty only to face the challenges of where she now belongs.

My Human Experience: Episode #1

Directed by Sylvia Ray

Logical and socially inadequate, alien explorer, Lex, is assigned to study the human race from a sociological perspective, a mission way outside her comfort zone. To make matters worse, she’s teamed up with the erratic and emotive, Xalax; her complete opposite.


Directed by Devin Scott

At an Orthodox cemetery in the Midwest, 11-year-old Suzana contends with her immigrant grandmother’s tyranny as the family makes their weekly pilgrimage to picnic on Grandpa’s grave. Come for the grief, stay for the show.