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FUEGO Short Film

FUEGO Short film

Directed by Edwin FrankO


Directed by Edwin FrankO

Passion, purpose and salsa dancing collide as Gio tries to find himself within complicated family dynamics.


Get to know the Director- Edwin FrankO

Edwin FrankO (Edwin Frank Ortiz) is a Latino film director of Puerto Rican and Mexican descent hailing from Barrio Logan of Southeast San Diego. He graduated from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with an emphasis in directing. FrankO began his artistic journey as a hip hop dancer.

Edwin discovered his “fuego” back at Point Loma High School when a film colleague asked if he can dance and act in his film. Being new to acting, he loved it and decided to pursue it. This eventually introduced him to film production and the rest is history.

With a creative portfolio that consists of acting for theatre and film, producing and directing music videos, commercials and documentaries, he looks forward to finally creating a meaningful narrative film that will highlight his talents and introduce himself to the world of narrative content.



Plays in

‘Local Shorts’ Program – Saturday March 18th – Spring Showcase

Watch locally produced short films that pack a lot of action, drama and laughs in just a few minutes.