Ken Kora

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Ken Kora

Ken is the creator, director and Executive Producer of several lifestyle/reality TV programs including the award winning “The Romance”, “Fashionopa” “So You Think You Can Sell” and the Director and Co-Producer of VCs in a Van.

His TV project is “The Romance”, is a dating TV series based on how dating really is in real circumstances. His inspiration came from noting that other TV programs did not portray real life circumstances as well as offered little feedback or educational value. “People want to be entertained but they want to learn also” Ken stated. “And they learn best when it is something they can really relate to”

In “The Romance”, the 20 men and women dating contestants do not go on exotic trips, do not live in mansions, there are multiple men and women, there is a wide age range and they get feedback from an expert panel. No other dating/relationship series has followed it’s cast for over one year.

The TV series was filmed in just over 12 months and has aired on both the web and television with syndication both domestically and international. It features over 110 San Diego scenes and locations and was nominated for The Reality TV Awards, San Diego Film Awards, Accolade Global Film Festival for Best Reality TV Programming. It won Best Reality Series at the 2018 Webisode Awards.

Ken’s style for reality and docs is Imagery,Interview, Inform and Impact.

In the TV series “So You Think You Can Sell” 16 sales and marketing gurus competed against each other selling 5 different companies products or services to prove who was “The VP of Sales”. His doctorate is in Psychology and he is involved in pre-production or filming on TV series and films on fashion, entrepreneurs, music as well as Season 2 of The Romance.