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Alien Guy Tim

Film Alien Guy Tim Directed by Scott Simerly Jr. An outcast, Alien Guy Tim, wants to prove that he has been abducted by aliens, but encounters many…

Detention Boyz

Film Detention Boyz Directed by Ava Cantrell Mockumentary about the filming of the Detention Boyz first hit Homeroom Heartbreak.


Film Dollhead Directed by Mike Egbert An overly protective mother with an abusive past communicates to her mute son through a childhood doll when…

Full Disclosure

Film Full Disclosure Directed by Kenneth Castillo A young man meets his girlfriend for dinner and tries to discuss the elephant in the room, but…

Intergalactic Chronicles

Film Intergalactic Chronicles Directed by Kenneth Castillo An intergalactic hero must find a way to stop an evil mastermind from destroying the universe.

It’s a Livin’ Thing

Film It’s a Livin’ Thing Directed by Amanda Cat Aaron and his Girlfriend go to his best friend Jason's house party and are greeted with unusual hostility.

It’s Ya Boi

Film It’s Ya Boi Directed by Brendan Milove An immature YouTuber films a self-indulgent vlog with his friends as things go heinously, horrifically wrong.

Madison Manor

Film Madison Manor Directed by Windy Marshall Vic & Lincoln, two patients at an antiquated mental institution, sneak out of their rooms after hours looking…


Film Monster Directed by Daniel Rios A man fights of a monster in his toilet.

Nana’s Potion

Film Nana’s Potion Directed by Ryan Kelly A woman tries to brew her Nana’s love potion, but has to make a small substitution before trying…


Film Polka Directed by Andrew Brame

The Mayflower

Film The Mayflower Directed by Barbarella Fokos An aspiring engineer and her friends who staff The MAYFLOWER restaurant strive to achieve their dreams in a…

To the Grave

Film To the Grave Directed by Kai Collins Two best friends go to extremes to reclaim the prize that's rightfully theirs.

Amidst the…