Student Films Shorts Program

In this program

A Rodeo Film

Directed by Darius Dawson

A bull rider who falls out of love with the sport must choose between his family’s legacy of rodeo and his own aspirations of life.


Directed by Surya Ranganathan Iyer

A woman in an abusive relationship must choose between her family and her independence.

Dream Thief

Directed by Mel Deorsola

A boy falls asleep only to wake up in a forest. What is real and what is a dream?

The Dating Artist

Directed by Mark Atkinson

A youngish, single man chronicles his dating experiences by reenacting these real life situations.


Directed by Mel Deorsola

A young boy sets up a stand in front of his house with a sign that reads “ANYTHING.”

The Great Coyote

Directed by Andrew Norbeck

Near the US-Mexico border, Coyote Flying Saucers Retrieval and Repair Shop is a popular roadside attraction for travelers passing through San Diego, CA. Though many tourists stop to see the bizarre compound strewn with saucers, alien masks, and UFO paraphernalia, none stay to meet the creator. The Great Coyote is a short documentary portrait, which for the first time reveals the true identity of the artist from this iconic destination.


Directed by Mel Deorsola

People around town start to go missing at the same time a boy is bullied at school.

Rowls on Set

Directed by Rob Knauf

All the roles it takes to create one beautiful Vlog.

All Too Well

Directed by Safi Jafri

Based off of the heartbreaking Taylor Swift ballad, All Too Well tackles the question everyone asks after some sort of heartbreak: is closure even worth fighting for? And if so, are you even guaranteed to get it?

A Pursuit of Falling

Directed by Sean Brandt

Francis discovers something peculiar in the back closet of a laundromat. When his girlfriend June has the same experience, the results do not go well for their relationship.

Not a Stranger

Directed by Julio C. Martinez Valle

A serial killer on the loose, sending letters to his next victims. However, things are about to change; when current events play a trick on the killers head.

Dates & Times
Landmark Hillcrest Cinema

Thu Apr 18
7:00 pm