Human Rights Documentary Shorts Program

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Under the Law

Directed by Mitsu Miyashima

Adriel (Malachi Beasley), a qualified and determined individual, is looking for employment at a law firm, but a blemish on his record holds him back. However, everything changes when Karen (Christina Schulz) finds out what his motive was on the night of his incident. Karen asks for her boss, Mr. Manning (Mark Allyn), for his opinion as Adriel reminisces on his past experience.

“New River” Video-Essay

Directed by Parker Edison

Shot by the Platform Collection, ‘New River’ is an homage to the influence of TV on latchkey kids from the 80s. It features contemporary dancer Natasha Ridley, activist/thinker Skyler McCurine and newcomer Sanaya Colón.

Code of Honor: One Soldiers Stand for Equality

Directed by Aiden Keltner

One of the first African American Marines tells the story of his experience participating in the integration of African Americans into the Marine Corps.

Shattered Dreams: Sex Trafficking in America

Directed by Bill Wisneski

Shattered Dreams is a comprehensive documentary that examines the pervasive, dark underworld of sex trafficking in America. Heart wrenching personal stories from survivors of the illicit sex trade and leading experts reveal how vastly misunderstood and disregarded this important human rights issue has been.

As hundreds of thousands of victims’ lives are destroyed by this multi-billion-dollar industry, the complex challenge of targeting the cause of this deeply embedded problem is exposed. Will increased awareness finally drive real solutions to save lives or will we continue to let this underground industry thrive in America?

Dates & Times
Digital Gym

Sun Apr 14
2:00 pm