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Who Dis? / Sour Cream

Skinny Veny Produced by Milky Wayne

The History of FU

Forest Grove’s music video for ‘The History of Fuck You’ combines sci-fi, horror, and what teenage dirtbags in the ‘80s might draw on their notebooks. The result is how we’d perish at the hands of said ’80s teenage dirtbag.

White Wings

Directed by Justice Parman

After four years apart, the Burroughs family comes back together for a family reunion in the summer. Once close siblings, Tessa and Michael try to mend their separated relationship after living different lives, in different locations over the past four years.

When I’m With You

Directed by RC Krueger


The Curse

Directed by Rich Varville

“Pandora, pure and innocent… a gift from the Gods, is given a treasure by Zeus and told it is never to be opened. A temptation she could not resist. Unwittingly, she released evil upon all mankind.

Hades, God of the underworld, seizes this opportunity to purge the world of any remaining hope. One man sacrifices everything to stop him. Hephaestus, the God of metal…. Pandora’s father.”

Standing On The Corner

Directed by Mortis Studio

Commissioned by Wetransfer and Standing on the corner. The video takes place in New York while the young band navigates the city dealing with police, racism, and daily struggles.

Sixes – “Desperator”

Directed by Derrick Acosta

“Desperator” by the San Diego based band SIXES.

My Name is Divine

Directed by Christy Yael-Cox, Jonathan Hammond

Money Talkin

Directed by Ken Gora

MONEY TALKIN’ is the new music video for Young Don Miller. Filmed at the mansion in Rancho Santa Fe and at the San Diego Yacht Club, we hope our audience enjoys the music and the fun our models and crew had. Famed hip hop star Ctru Carlo joins Young Don on the vocals. In directing we wanted to stay true to the culture and slang, but we wanted to also show the diversity of the music audience for hip/hop by showing the diversity of the cast. Hip/Hop and rap has it’s slang but we made sure to put a parental advisory sticker for “naughty” words…love that ending though.

Marie Haddad : Jdita

Directed by Gretchen Bayer, Jake Segraves

Jdita is a small village in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon near where Marie’s father grew up. She wanted to honor him and his heritage by writing this song, and to try to express how she felt when she visited there – that somewhere so faraway and mysterious can also resonate as being completely familiar.

Lean into Joy

Directed by Jonathan Hammond, Kathryn Cloward

When we feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of life and playfulness seems too far away from our reality, “Lean into Joy” provides a gentle reminder for us all to cherish every precious moment we have with our loved ones. Time passes swiftly. Moments matter.

Heroes (Featuring Michelle Hopkins and Friends)

Directed by Jonathan Hammond, Kathryn Cloward

“Heroes” is a song for everyone. We are all heroes. Each of us experiences challenges in life and “Heroes” honors the courage, hope, and love that carries us through. Kathryn Cloward wrote this song to help shine a light of awareness on the National MPS Society in support of children and adults living with MPS and related rare diseases that have no cure yet. Kathryn invited Michelle Hopkins (who has MPS1) to sing lead vocals and star in the music video because one of Michelle’s dreams in life is to sing, which was the same dream Kathryn had when she was Michelle’s age.


A solo film that is neither #BlackLivesMatter nor #BlueLivesMatter. It was made to portray and highlight the after effects of fatal police encounters for family members affected directly by those events. The question that goes along with the film short is, “as a society, what is being done to help recover or repair those family members of the deceased,” and “ why isn’t it being done?” In media, the nation sees the day of and/or maybe up to a week or so after the events, but for family members and close ones, it is something that lasts forever. The media does not show that and people do not know that either, or at least most do not recognize that and forget.

Cosmic Sense feat. Mark Segura – Sorry

Directed by Edwin FrankO

A heartbroken lonely state of mind trying to keep beautiful memories of his ex- girlfriend out.


Directed by Julian Clark, Matt Twohig

On the fringes of a virtual world, a young explorer is given the opportunity to become more than just a player.

All On Me

Directed by RC Krueger

Auzmo gets kicked out of his apartment because he lied.

Dates & Times

Tue Apr 16
8:00 pm