Horror/Late Night Shorts Program

In this program

I Might Die Here

Directed by Tayo Oyekan

A young woman travels to San Diego to be beaten, gagged, and drowned in a quest to find herself.

Break Of Dawn

Directed by Rich Varville

A tormented young woman confronts a deranged killer with questions about her family and the sister that slipped from his grasp.

Inanimate Objects Don’t Talk Back

Directed by Ian Tripp

Dale and Marty, estranged best friends, go on a day trip of errands and hangouts around town as an unspoken animosity builds.


Directed by Shane Mayer

A girl battles her worst fears.


Directed by John Freeman, Karenssa Le Gear

When Scott reveals his dark passion to the women he loves things don’t go as planned and he is soon forced to face the consequences.


Directed by Tayo Oyekan

When a necrophiliac falls in love with a teenage runaway, he plots to kill her in order to consummate their love.

A Christmas Miracle

Directed by Trevor Neuenswander

It’s Christmas Eve and Walter just wants to watch football.


Directed by Jonathan Hammond

The true(ish) story of a young boy and his mother who held afternoon exorcisms in the living room- and the new friend who is so Godly, she may as well be wicked.

Mega64: SNK 40th anniversary collection – Trailer

Directed by Mega64

This a commercial advertising the new video game collection from SNK, commemorating their 40 years in the business!

Students Speaking Out

Directed by Ace Davis

Prevention of school shootings and gun violence at schools and what may come of it if it isn’t prevented

Dates & Times
Landmark Hillcrest Cinema

Thu Apr 18
9:00 pm