Drama Shorts Program 2

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Directed by Kyle DeGuzman

Robby, amidst a recent break up, finds himself coping with the agony of heartbreak by indulging in a pill that allows him to relive his past with his ex-lover Emma. As he relives these memories, he finds that some are blissful while others are painfully not. Despite this, Robby finds himself addicted to his memories.

Country People

After his lover dies, a writer teaches a class to mysterious locals in a small town. Based on award winning short story by Richard Hall.

Poverty of Will

Directed by Rich Varville

Famous writer William Kersberg, suffering from schizophrenia while trying to write his next novel, faces his toughest challenge… himself.

Laboratory Conditions

A physician investigating a missing body disrupts an unlawful experiment.


Directed by Joseph D Charafi

A man is turned into a serial killer while he is on a long hunt for the burglar who broke into his house and killed his family. His brother-in-law who is part of the FBI helps him find leads and lets him seek out his own justice. Until someone is on to their crimes.

Happy Birthday or Felicidades

Directed by Jared Jacobsen

A struggling mother takes her twins on a chaotic birthday road trip. As a Tijuana cop becomes an unwitting participant in the adventure, lines are blurred between what is real and what isn’t. Addiction, illness, and human compassion traverse borders on a steamy summer afternoon.

Dates & Times
Museum of Photographic Arts

Sun Apr 14
5:30 pm