Drama Shorts Program 1

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The Interpeter

Directed by Benito Bautista

An American traveling in Tokyo named Jacob has been flirt-texting with Hiromi, an independent and beautiful Japanese woman. Jacob hires an interpreter named Kaito, a young Japanese American, as he pursues to meet Hiromi in person. Kaito strives to be efficient in interpreting for his client Jacob while desperately trying to resist falling for Hiromi.

Their encounter is filled with disguised glances, each of them quietly imagining a future while momentarily stuck in the experience of their encounter and unaware of the misfortune ahead.


Directed by Tyler J French

A paranoid man seeks to repair his marriage in an unconventional place.

Into the Horizon

A short vignette that explores suffering, loss, and moving on.

Sonny Days

Directed by Marco WestWood Gonzalez

Sonny Diaz roams downtown San Diego through the nights, seeking companionship, but there is something more sinister lurking beneath his loner facade.


Directed by Hyeongwoo Lee

A story of teenage girl who puts herself into the Mirror(image). One day, she dreamed about chasing a beautiful butterfly. After she woke up, she felt she saw the real-beauty in dream. She starts making her ‘Hyper-Reality’ images inside of the Mirror and loosing her ‘Real-Reality’ in real life.

Alone Together

Directed by Erin Martinez

After breaking off their budding relationship, Julian and Devon struggle to return to their lonely lives apart. With a unique storytelling device, the audience is able to view two characters’ stories at once.


Directed by Ralph Blanchard

A recently ordained Catholic priest must endure a surprising confession from his mother during the holidays.

Dates & Times
Museum of Photographic Arts

Sat Apr 13
8:00 pm