Short Documentaries Program 2

In this program

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Composing the Music for Be Greater Trailer with John Paesano

Directed by Gavin Filipiak

Behind the scenes look into the process of composing for PlayStation’s Spider-Man.

The New Way Forward: Wetlands

Directed by Rusty Prevatt

California’s Chinook salmon population is crashing. Governmental agencies, environmentalists and others are scrambling to find answers to reverse this potentially catastrophic outcome. Meanwhile, there may be a solution just beyond the riverbank. Discover how farmers, scientists and conservationists are using Northern California’s rice fields to create not only habitat for wild birds but to now help save the salmon.

A Pile of Experiences

Directed by Bethany McKee

Ramon Chairez describes his experience drug trafficking as a young man and how attending community college lit a fire inside him to pursue knowledge and a new path. Now a professor at San Diego City College himself, Chairez hopes to inspire his own students to follow their passion and view their personal experiences in a new light.

From Haarlem to Harlem

Directed by Barbarella Fokos, David Fokos

Fatigued by incessant news of black people being shot and killed by white cops, and with the election as the final straw, artist Alanna Airitam decided create a body of work to portray black people as she knows them to be, which is far from the media’s persistently negative narrative.

Flying Fur

Directed by Alicia Wszelaki, Matthew Nothelfer

Welcome to the friendly skies of animal rescue. Saving dogs and cats one flight at a time is the mission, but changing the fate of these lovable creatures is no easy task. Lives are at stake and failure is not an option.

For ease of festival programming, this film is also offered in a 25 minute version by request.

The Birds and The Wheels

Directed by Michael, Pedro Sanchez

Chava, who has down syndrome, hasn’t had the best father son relationship since his mother passed away in…

My Friend Tom

Directed by Alejandra Demers

A documentary about my friend Tom, a homeless man with an incredible story.

True Auto Bid Spot

Directed by Jared Jacobsen

A commercial spot for an amazing new service –


Directed by Emilio A Rodriguez

Real is a short retelling of one of the darkest chapters of my life where I had to rebuild my world through first, philsophy, but ultimately, through the love for my friends. As a Teenager, I did abundant drugs and thought nothing of it for there was never any significant reprecussions from the use. That is until one fateful experience with mushrooms leveled my mind and I had to live in a personal hell alone lest anyone find out the insanity going on in my head. Eventually, I found a safe place in the company of philosophers for they made me feel sane for they thought the same things as me and they were revered for it. However, after years of study and failed attempts of crafting a convincing, sane metaphysical understanding of the world, I realized that I for sure knew that my feelings for my friends and family were real, and past that nothing much really mattered.

Dates & Times
Digital Gym

Sat Apr 13
2:00 pm