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Operation: Get the Hell out of California

Directed by Billy Ryan, Mario Genel

It takes two hours for Billy each way to get to his program, where they teach film to…

The Forgotten Archipelago

Directed by Ben Weiland, Ryan Hitzel

While they cautiously navigated minefields on a sparsely populated island in the South Atlantic, Parker Coffin, Nate Zoller, LJ O’Leary and photographer Dylan Gordon traded a barrel of crude oil and 12-packs of Budweiser for the chance to pioneer waves nothing short of extraordinary. Harsh climate, challenging travel, and the friendliest of locals all contributed to an experience the team will never forget.

Scrojo: Scoundrel, Charlatan, Savant

Directed by Brian McHugh

In most circles, he is known as SCROJO. In times gone by, others called him “Scrotum Joe.” Elders refer to him simply as “Craig”. Once an performing musician, Scrojo now fills his days creating vibrant works of art that depicts traveling minstrels, harlots, jezebels, and scoundrels. Some find his work scandalous, while others revel in his questionable subject matter. Many renowned musicians seek him out to focus his gaze upon them and capture their essence on paper. Visionary or charlatan? Many debate his métier, but you must decide for yourself.

His resume is a who’s who of the rock world. The quintessential art school dropout, Scrojo is a self- taught artist and graphic designer. Growing up in San Diego, California, Scrojo was heavily influenced by the surf culture, hot rods and the punk rock music scene. Having designed “gig posters” for the Solano Beach musical venue (fixture?) theBelly Up for over 30 years, Scrojo wears the dual hats of artist and marketer. With his keen eye, sense of whimsy, and punk-rock sensibility, Scrojo finessed his own unique artistic style, capturing the musical essence of each artist while persuasively promoting their message to audiences worldwide.

The Sounds of State

Directed by Sara Rhamy

A documentary about the culture of KCR College Radio, from its humble beginnings to its award-winning success and recognition.

Make Some Noise- A Drummer’s Tale

Directed by Charlie Cisneros

A story about professional drummer, Samuel Felix.

PCTV Lego Station ID

Directed by Bill Wisneski & Joey Jauregui

This is a station ID for our Palomar College Television educational channel credited using stop motion animation.

The Freedom Fighter

Directed by Clint Burkett

“This story of Willem van Hunnik a Dutch Resistance Fighter in WW2 and Rudy Van Hunnick his son is told in this short discovery documentary.
Rudy Van Hunnick was only 14 the day the Nazis broke down their front door trying to get his father, the underground Dutch Resistance Fighter Willem van Hunnik. His father was a patriot and did what he could to help others during the Nazi occcupation of Holland in the early 1940s.
Willem devoted his shortened life helping others escape the Nazi regime that had taken over Holland. Whether it was to help the Jewish people relocate or rescuing a downed plane crew, Willem was there with food and water and ways to get a crew back to England before the Nazis arrived on the scene.
Recognized for his heroism, van Hunnik was memorialized both at a huge military commemoration in 1984 and with a granite block placed outside the family home in Amersfoort, Holland in 2016.
This is a story right out of the mouth of his now 89 year old son Rudy and it needs to be told.”

SXSW & The Evolution of Italian Music

Directed by Sergio Carvajal-Leoni

There’s a musical renaissance happening in Italy; but not just for music in Italian. This short documentary follows a group of Italian musicians and music professionals as they come to SXSW to exhibit their talents in the hopes of international recognition.

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