The Calling & Skin

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SKIN: The Pitch

Directed by Ronn Kilby

Pitch Trailer for SKIN: The Movie

The Calling: A True Story

Directed by Rich Varville

It’s 1989 and Miles Bodzin, a young college-aged man about to graduate is frustrated with the direction of his life, drops out to go after his newly discovered calling in life. The true story of his unwillingness to conform he convinces his fiancé, Mechelle,of his new calling and together they risk convention in it’s pursuit.


Directed by Ronn Kilby

When a socially awkward Midwestern woman inherits a porn studio, she plans to take the money and run – until her dead father and a band of misfits force her to face her fears, and learn that misfits are people too.

Dates & Times
Landmark Hillcrest Cinema

Tue Apr 16
9:00 pm