Action, SciFi, Fantasy Shorts Program

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Directed by Brian Cheng

In a world where knights are armed with the forces of Chi, Shao and Morhan must arrive in Nawia within one day as Soma’s army approaches.

The Dark Resurgence: A Star Wars Story

Directed by Michael McCumber

At the fall of the Galactic Empire, the lost tribes of the ancient Sith emerge to reclaim their destiny long forgotten – to rule the galaxy as gods.

Fireflies in the Dusk

Directed by Jonathan Hammond

An old-timey maiden falls through a time hole in and meets a modern-day dashing bro.

G.I. José

Directed by Alejandro Marquez Vela

A Mexican-American U.S. Army soldier comes back home and faces the dilemma of whether to defend his family, or the laws of the country he vowed to protect.

The Stay

Directed by Anthony Maze

A married couple, in the midst of a rocky relationship, arrives at an Air Bnb with a socially awkward landlord. Unbeknownst to them, he keeps a close eye on things with various hidden security cameras around the property. What was supposed to be a relatively comfortable stay, soon proves to be the opposite.

The Only Flight

Directed by Royston Innes

When a group of unwitting strangers wake up on an airplane in midair they must learn the true nature of why they were deemed enemies of the state.

What’s In The Box?

Directed by Ryan Kelly

Have you ever wanted to get off work, drive up to the mountains and just chill? But then something gets in your way…and well..things get a little out of hand?

The 2018 winning 48 Hour Film Project San Diego film, “What’s in the Box” tells the story of a lifeguard and her run in with the local authorities.

You Are Me

Directed by Clarke M. Smith

A terminally ill man decides to imprint his soul onto a clone/android hybrid of himself, unbeknownst to his beloved wife.

Find Me

Directed by Studi Yobless

A nomad searches the outskirts of the earth to find a cure to save mankind from its self. While the nomad searches he is being followed by deadly space hunters.

Entrenched Prologue Trailer

Directed by Ray Gallardo

“Entrenched Prologue” is the story of two Special Forces Operators, Dominic Turmalino and Frankie Robinson, who are about to embark on a life-changing mission while one decides to hold onto a secret.

Mega64: God of War

Directed by Mega64

The God of War uses his powers to Recall his mighty axe, but he left his axe REALLY far away.

Rode Reel

Directed by Rob Knauf

A battle of sights and sounds.


Directed by Fernando Jay Huerto

A janitor takes a bet from a sports hypnotherapist to unlock his full potential.

Dates & Times
Museum of Photographic Arts

Fri Apr 19
5:30 pm