Female Shorts Program

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Directed by Chloe Cummings

Struggling through their strained relationship, a troubled teen and his father run into danger.

1% Human

Directed by Sasha Doppelt

1% Human is about coming to terms biologically and psychologically with what it means to be human. On the surface, we learn about the bacteria that live in and on us, and impact our lives in huge ways. On a deeper level, we witness a poignant yearning for answers and straightforward solutions to complicated problems. The incomprehensible complexity of the universe within mirrors the vastness of stars and galaxies, spiraling together in hope and wonder.

Back to You

Directed by Meghan Courtney

Sometimes the things you think you want, aren’t always the things you need.

Santa Fe Station

Directed by Susan Davis

An old lawman describes his past to a stranger he meets in a train station.

Mandatory Minimum

Directed by Mitsu Miyashima

When six year old Isabella is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer requiring an immediate and expensive transplant surgery, her father Carlos puts his life on the line to do whatever it takes to save her.

Sick Day

Directed by Elisha Cecil

Against the clock, a young woman must decide if she wants to once in her life be truthful with her strict mother.


Directed by Justin Taylor

To endure for lost love or let time and distance annihilate what remains.

Seven Large

Directed by Ryan Kelly

The Witching Hour

Directed by Steven La Morte

A husband and wife come to realize that love follows no rules and trust is a choice.
The story follows a couple in Hell’s Kitchen, New York through their trials and tribulations of a rocky marriage, that is scarred by alcoholism, mutual distrust, and perceived infidelity from both sides.

Let It Go

Directed by Stephanie Heim

A Marine deals with loss…


Directed by Kristina Kalchev, Ryan Beaton

A PSA on domestic violence and its effects on children.

Dates & Times
Museum of Photographic Arts

Sun Apr 14
8:00 pm