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San Diego Film Week

My First Film – Shorts Program

My First Film


We all start somewhere. All filmmakers have a “first film” and this block showcases some of those “gems”. Whether it’s a nostalgic memory of the experience of making it, or the awkward glimpse into the challenges of first time films, this block is sure to entertain. Featuring first films from some of San Diego’s most prolific filmmakers and actors including David S. Dawson, Randy Davison, Cristyn Chandler, Mark Atkinson, Jonathan Hammond, Jodi Cilley, Jordan Jacobo, Robert Partridge, William Wall and Mega 64.

In This Program

  1. Innocence Faded

    Ellen Mason / My First Film / United States / 2016 / 11 mins
    A powerful entity of child-like appearance helps to avenge an emotionally and psychologically abused little girl

  2. Chuckie No Cheese!

    Mark Atkinson / My First Film / United States / 1997 / 5 mins
    A young Mark Atkinson helps his chubby little buddy lose weight.

  3. Not This Part of the World

    Philip Atlakson / My First Film / United States / 1995 / 13 mins
    A drive by shooting and the aftermath are the catalyst in this dark comedy that traces a day in the life of an American town on the edge of a cultural frontier.

  4. The Big Date

    David S. Dawson / My First Film / United States / 2000 / 6 mins
    A young man gets lost in his dreams

  5. When Beauty Dies

    John Romais / My First Film / United States / 2000 / 9 mins
    "We need to talk." Nothing good ever follows those four words. Sometimes love doesn't cure all. Sometimes love might not even exist, but behind every lie lies the truth. Starring Cristyn Chandler and Timothy Schubert.

  6. Stair Racers

    Robert Partridge, John Gentillalli / My First Film / United States / 2005 / Comedy, Sports / 14 mins
    Two competitors train and compete for the Stair Racing championship. Directed by Robert Partridge and John Gentillalli and starring Robert Partridge.

  7. Stash

    Kirsten Elms / My First Film / United States / 15 mins
    A man is chased by a "mysterious figure."

  8. Midnight Snack

    Jordan Jacobo / My First Film / United States / 2013 / 5 mins
    A zombie and his mummy sidekick investigate a hunting in their home in this comedic, horror-themed-romp.

  9. Point of Infection

    Jodi CIlley / My First Film / United States / 2012 / 12 mins
    Infected with a deadly virus, a man desperately searches for his family, only to discover that the person they are hiding from is him. Directed by Jodi Cilley. This was the first narrative film she ever worked on!

  10. Mega64: Tetris

    Derrick Acosta / My First Film / United States / 2006 / 1 mins
    The Mega64 crew brings Tetris to life.