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San Diego Film Week

Emerging Filmmakers – Shorts Program

Emerging Filmmakers / 120 mins


San Diego’s up and coming talent pool is deep! Check out what the next generation of filmmakers is producing in this shorts block. Featuring films from Grossmont College, San Diego City Colllege, Pacific Arts Movement “Reel Voices” and the Media Arts Center San Diego’s “Teen Producers Project”. Want to support new talent and meet the superstars of the future, this is the screening for you!

In This Program

  1. La Vie En Rose

    Audrey Sutton and Carl Ling / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / 7.5 mins
    A girl comes across a pair of magical glasses that lets her see the positive side of life. Produced by the Media Arts Center San Diego's Teen Producers Project.

  2. World’s Best School Psychologist

    Kentayvion Joseph Bush / Emerging Filmmakers / 10 mins
    After abused middle school student, Alexander Marrontime, goes to his school counselor for help, he gets caught in the middle of a game of psychological revenge and spends a month battling between his moral compass and his trust for the only adult who's ever truly cared about him. Produced through Media Arts Center San Diego's Teen Producers Project.

  3. Yung Cookie

    Timothy Fraher / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / 13 mins
    A humble, struggling street musician gets a deal to become Yung Cookie, a breakthrough but trashy and arrogant hip hop artist. Staring Robert Partridge as Young Cookie. Produced through Media Arts Center San Diego's Teen Producers Project.

  4. 4-H 4-Us

    Ron Christopher Jones / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / 7 mins
    A group of 4-H members band together to help a friend in need, and wind up learning many lessons, and that together they can achieve more than they thought possible.

  5. Flip The Record

    Marie Jamora / Emerging Filmmakers, Pacific Arts Movement / 2016 / 15 mins
    In this 1980s coming-of-age story set to pulsing hip-hop music, a Filipino-American teen discovers her identity through a budding talent for turntablism. A little-known but lasting explosion of hip-hop culture grew out of the Filipino-American community of 1980s San Francisco. This film takes us into the beat of an aspiring mobile DJ crew in '84, as 14-year-old Vanessa, sick of the the constraints and boring piano lessons in her conservative Filipino-American household, starts teaching herself on the sly how to scratch on her older brother’s turntables. We follow Ness as she discovers her talents and place in the local music scene of the era.

  6. In a Jar

    Basile Journet / Emerging Filmmakers, San Diego City College / 2017 / 4 mins
    A heartbroken young man finds solace in an otherworldly creature he discovers in his backyard.

  7. Village Boi

    Quynh Tran, Miguel Espinoza / Emerging Filmmakers, San Diego City College / 8 mins
    A young boy makes friends with the wrong group of kids on his first day of school.

  8. Pictures of Deceit

    Kyle Stocking / Emerging Filmmakers, San Diego City College / 7 mins
    A newspaper journalist murders somebody in self defense and makes it look like a crime scene so he can use it as his next big story.


    Nathaniel Madlem / Emerging Filmmakers, San Diego City College / 5 mins
    A night spent writing at a local bar becomes a game of cat and mouse in the desert, and comes to a head at a moment of self-realization.

  10. Lucy’s Raw Eyes

    Ines Sorlat / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / Black&White, cannibalism, Colors, environmental, Food & Agriculture, Philosophy, Sci-fi, social topic / 11 mins
    Several decades after the prohibition of live stock production, society has become accustomed to not eat meat. Lucy, a young journalist reaches out to the very first restaurant serving an alternative solution to the meat embargo: Human Flesh. Will she ever consider cannibalism as an alternative to live stock production?

  11. 93 miles

    Noah Canavan / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 17 mins
    93 Miles tells the story of Miguel, a fictional baseball prodigy, whose journey is inspired by the many Cuban players who defected from Cuba prior to 2014. These young men made the difficult choice to leave the island, believing they could never return to see their loved ones. 93 Miles isn’t about the disappointment of leaving everything behind; this story is about the optimism in the future. Miguel’s story is an introspective observation about his opportunity and his decision. Over the course of this journey, you see both Miguel and our national pastime objectified and exploited at the hands of a greedy few.

  12. If These Streets Could Talk: Synchronicity

    Micah Moore / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / 9 mins
    Three separate storylines happening on the same block are brought together by something they did not expect.

  13. The Mirror Effect

    Neil Keller / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / 7 mins
    A father of two girls is forced to reflect on his life after bad habits have caused a terrible tragedy that has ripped his family apart.