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San Diego Film Week


  1. Film Marketing and Social Media Hacks

    Taught by the Film Consortium's own social media ninja Dan Butler, this workshop is a must-not-miss if you want more visibility for your films. No filmmaker or actor should miss this. Dan will teach the little known tips and tricks to increasing your visibility and online presence on platforms such as IMDB, Google, Facebook and more. You'll leave this workshop with a handy checklist of things you can do immediately to amplify your signal in a cluttered online landscape.

  2. The Shot That Makes the Film- Cinematography Workshop

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    In every film production there comes a frame or two that tells the director, "We've got a movie!". Award winning cinematographer Bill Bork ( Amalgamated Grommets) will share some of his favorite clips from his award winning films and commercials as he takes us behind the scenes. Observe the tough decision-making process a veteran cinematographer working with a Director must make to advance the storyline. Learn the balance between getting a great shot and getting the right shot.