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San Diego Film Week

Film Market Workshops

  1. Financing Your Independent TV, Film, and Online Content 101 – More Money, Less Problems

    Film Market Workshops / Workshop
    Anyone creating independent TV, film, or online content has to wear many diverse hats these days. To be a professional filmmaker means not just knowing how to produce film, but how to handle financing. Come learn about the legal and business aspects of film financing . Taught by Barbara Hopkins of Deverett Media Group

  2. Pitch Perfect Package

    Film Market Workshops / Workshop / 120 mins
    No amount of slick graphics or trendy buzzwords can fix a bad pitch. Improve your chances of getting your feature film funded or distributed by building the perfect pitch package for your film . The Perfect Pitch workshop will show you what investors and distributors want to see and hear when you are pitching your project. Led by Producer Chris Cashman (Club Frontera, A Life Lived) and Producer Rebecca Reyes (Samuel Project, The Playground).

  3. Indie Film Distribution Checklist

    Film Market Workshops / Workshop
    Before you even start making your independent film, you should know what you'll need to get distribution for it. Taught by local producer Lisa Bruhn, along with Michael Madison and Linda Nelson from IndieRights, this workshop will go over the specific things that you should plan for if you will be looking for distribution. Don't go at it blindly, we'll even provide a checklist as to what EXACTLY you will need to pull off to make it happen. Ready to take the plunge into feature filmmaking? This is the workshop for you.