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San Diego Film Week

2018 San Diego Film Awards Nominations

Here are the official nominations for the 2018 San Diego Film Awards.  The winners will be announced at the San Diego Film Awards on April 8th at Humphreys by the Bay.




Best Student Narrative Short Film  

“Once Guilty, Now Innocent, Still Dead” The Los Angeles Film School

“93 Miles” by Emerson College

“adolescence”  SDSU

“Oh Deer!” SDSU

“Lucy’s Raw Eyes”  SDSU


Best Student Documentary Short Film  

“Native Like Water: We’re Still Here”  by UCSD

“I am DACA” from  Southwestern Community College

“What’s My Line?” by UCSD



Best Commercial

“Palomar Library Program Commercial” by Palomar College Television

“Greetings From San Diego” by DVK Productions

“DigiBit Commercial” by BTS TV



Best Webisode

Jordan Loves the La Jolla Sea Caves by Jordan Hates Productions

Jordan Loves The California Burrito by Jordan Hates Productions

Moving out by Katia Ruelas

Super Mario Odyssey by Mega64

A Red Trolley Show “July Talk” by Rowlberto’s Media




Best Music Video

“She’s Mine”, Creature Canyon

“Love Remains”, Savannah Philyaw

“Dead Man Walking”, Sledd

“Away From The Speed”, Dead Heavens



Best TV

“A Cappella Nativity” by Francis James Ralls

“Dried Up” by I Can Do Better Productions

“Soldier Song” by KPBS

“San Diego Tonight” by Pacific Dream Company Inc

“The IntelleXual Talk Show” by IntelleXual Entertainment

“The Romance” by Branded Entertainment



Best Documentary Short Film

A New Stellar Order” by Barbarella Fokos and David Fokos

“Captain Bowen’s Story” by Mantooth Studios

Shadow Of Drought: Southern California’s Looming Water Crisis” by Palomar College Television



Spirit of San Diego- Narrative Short Film

“Our Barrio” by A Focus Group

“Forgotten Hero” by Speed and Angel’s Productions  

“Just Like That: A San Diego Love Story” by Pens that Work Productions

“Moving on: A San Diego Love Story” by Pens that Work Productions


Best Screenplay for a Narrative Short Film

Eric J. Addison, “The Ride”

Thierry Denis, Carlos Foster, “Real Connection”

Yvette Angulo, Ryan Casselman, “Our Barrio”

William Wall, “Daisy Belle”

Nicolette Shutty, Dadyar Tristan Vakili,  “Pass/Fail”

Jason Ferrell, Shannon Rutkowski, Pam Tobie, Mary Hunt, Susan Davis, Kate Howe, “The Empire”

Marianne Bates, “Pursuit”


Best Editing in a Narrative Short Film

Eric J. Addison, “The Ride”

Ryan Casselman, “Our Barrio”

Michael Towe, “Pursuit”

William Wall, “Daisy Belle”

Alix Duchene, “Real Connection”

Jerry Riedel, “Siren”

David Hinchman, “Pass/Fail”


Best Musical Score in a Narrative Short Film

Frank Ralls, “The Ride”

Erick Del Aguila, “Our Barrio”

Kenseth Thibideau, “Pursuit”

Steve Garbade, “Daisy Belle”

Just Art Dead, “Valhalla”

Thea Tochihara, “Real Connection”


Best Cinematography in a Narrative Short Film

Nate Riedel, “Siren”

Jesse Aragon, “Our Barrio”

Bill Bork, “Pursuit”

William Wall, “Daisy Belle”

Michael Brueggemeyer, “The Ride”

John Hammersla, “Forgotten Hero”

Peter Mickelson, “Refuge”


Best Sound Design in a Narrative Short Film

Joe Godfrey, “The Ride”

Dylan Hirsch, “Our Barrio”

Mark Maisonneuve, “Pursuit”

William Wall, “Daisy Belle”

Jeffrey Litzman, “Real Connection”

Randy Bobo, “Siren”


Best Visual Effects in a Narrative Short Film

Mark Thorsen, “Real Connection”

Mike A. Smith, Mark Vizcarra,  “Forgotten Hero”

Mike A. Smith, “Daisy Belle”

Mike A. Smith, Lindsey Joell, “Convolution”

Esteban Robinson, “Pass/Fail”

Mcandy Duclos, “Revenge of Dean”


Best Production Design in a Narrative Short Film

Kurtis Gefrom, “Siren”

Patricia Angulo, “Our Barrio”

Bink Picard “Forgotten Hero”

Eva Pfaff, “Daisy Belle”

Jeanine Reynard, “Safe With Me”

Elsa Mickelson, “Refuge”


Best Makeup and Hair in a Narrative Short Film

Amy Richardson, Rachelle Agustin, “Siren”

Amy Richardson, Balkis Nasery, Katia Najera, “Our Barrio”

Elaine Dill, Julz Perez, “Pursuit”

John Aviles, Phoenix Webb, Zoey Hendrix, “Safe With Me”

John Aviles, “Forever, My Love”


Best Costume Design in a Narrative Short Film

Maureen Menyhart, “Siren”

Charlene Fontaine, “Forgotten Hero”

Frank Forth,  “Pursuit “

Yvette Angulo, “Our Barrio”

Theresa Dawson Davis, David S. Dawson, “Forever, My Love”


Best Stunt Choreography in a Narrative Short Film

Fernando Jay Huerto, Eric Nguyen, “Finest City Showdown”

Tom Norsemann-”Revenge of Dean”

Ron Christopher Jones, “Pursuit”

Fernando Jay Huerto,”Better Homes & Villains”


Best Supporting Actor in a Narrative Short Film

Joe Paulson, “We All Need Someone”

Randy Davison, “Forgotten Hero”

Jon Allen, “Pursuit”

Rick Mancia, “Our Barrio”


Best Actor in a Narrative Short Film

John Hansen, “Forgotten Hero”

Ron Christopher Jones, “Pursuit”

Randy Davison, “Forever, My Love”

Brendan Cahalan, “Bag-Head”

Demetrius Hodges, “Sleep on It”


Best Supporting Actress in a Narrative Short Film

Suzana Norberg, “One Good Day”

Elena Isabel, “Sleep On It”

Nicolette Shutty, “Pass/Fail”


Best Actress in a Narrative Short Film

Dana Fares, “Pass/Fail”

Thais Mayara, “Siren”

Yvette Angulo, “Our Barrio”

Jennifer Scibetta, “That’s Final”

Whitney Wegman, “Valhalla”

Beth Gallagher, “Safe With Me”


Best Child Actor

Robby Perez, “Our Barrio”

Austin Osterling, “The Ride”

Isabella Cuda, “Capri Sunday”

Gage Magosin,“Capri Sunday”

Olivia Meyers, “Safe With Me”


Best Directing in a Narrative Short Film

Thierry Denis, “Real Connection”

Ryan Casselman, “Our Barrio”

Frank Forth, “Pursuit”

William Wall, “Daisy Belle”

Cassidy Mitchell, Tristan Vakili, “Pass/Fail”

Eric J. Addison, “The Ride”

Benjamin Howard, “Sleep On It”


Best Narrative Short Film

Brandon Plantz, “The Ride”

Yvette Angulo, Ryan Casselman,”Our Barrio”

Mark Vizcarra, CJ Machado, Larry Poole, Racine Poole, “Forgotten Hero”

Bruber Media and Halo Cinematic, “Daisy Belle”

Marianne Bates, Toni Towe, “Pursuit”

Carlos Foster, Thierry Denis, “Real Connection”

Nate Riedel, Jared Armijo-Wardle, “Siren”




Best Narrative Feature Film

“Love All You Have Left” by Dongo Productions in association with Halo Cinematic

“Carving a Life” by Life in Reels Productions

“Weigh Down” by Sergio Lopez


Best Documentary Feature Film

“Tony: The Movie” by Dennis Stein

“Making Fun – The Story of Funko” by Eddie Grace Arts & Film