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San Diego Film Week

What’s My Line?

Directed by Nalini Asha Biggs

A Woman's Place / United States / 2016 / art, Autism, Design, disability, Drawing, Experimental, Painting / 8 mins / Color / Digital


When I was little I never knew what to say. So, I drew. Since I was very, very small I’ve kept a small sketchbook with me. I take it with me everywhere. I draw the world, and sometimes I collage pieces of things. It’s never been for anyone else, my sketchbook. It’s just how I survive in a world that simple isn’t designed for me, an Autistic person. Because drawing is transformative. It’s meditative. This is a visual essay of what I experience when I hyperfocus on art, something only people like me can do. Drawing is the purest projection of my own soul.

Plays in

  1. A Woman’s Place – Shorts Program

    A Woman's Place / 90 mins
    Supporting and showcasing women on the big-screen is important now more than ever. This block features films that were made with women in prominent positions behind the camera. Whether it’s as a producer, director, DP or writer or editor, this block just goes to show you that A Woman’s Place is on the big screen!

    In This Program: Blindness, Noticed, What’s My Line?, Pass/Fail, Call Me Ma’am, The Empire, Transicion, I am DACA

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