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San Diego Film Week

Vybesoul – Lost

Directed by Edwin Franko

Music Video Showcase and Networking / United States / 2017 / 5 mins / English / Color / Digital


Vybe goes on a trip with a mysterious lustful woman but not the kind of trip he was expecting.

Director's Bio

San Diego Native, Edwin FrankO loves to entertain whether it’s on the stage, in front of the camera or behind the camera.
Edwin is currently a senior at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with an emphasis in directing. Edwin has been involved in the arts since his senior year at Point Loma High School in which he started out as a Hip-Hop dancer performing for talent shows before getting into acting. The acting bug bit Edwin when a colleague asked Edwin to play a part in his film. After that an aspiring actor was born.
After high school, Edwin decided to attend college for theatre instead of joining the Navy. Being the first to attend college out of his siblings, he had no idea what he was doing. Edwin didn’t know how to obtain a degree or transfer nor knew the importance of maintaining high grades that would result in the university he could have attended. The community college Edwin attended was Southwestern College because his father went there while on duty. “My father, who I thought attended SWC for an education, was rather there to fool around. He had no advice for me about college which resulted in poor academics and changing my major multiple times before dropping out of SWC.”
After a five year break Edwin came back to SWC after being influenced by students from the UCSD film program. He had no idea San Diego colleges or universities had film production courses and figured since he had ideas, he can start creating projects to gain experience and exposure through acting. This was the turning point in his life as he started to discover his capabilities and new passion.
What Edwin would like to accomplish while at USC is to complete his education while learning and challenging himself to become better. “I want to continue creating narratives with bittersweet endings as well as shedding more light on my culture as a latino american. I want to collaborate and network with other artist while shedding more light on unity and diversity. I want to create more jobs in my home city of San Diego. I also want to represent for the Latino community and mentor those who need guidance, encouragement, and motivation. And more importantly, I want to inspire my siblings to not go the same route as I did in high school and to encourage them to do their best so that way they can attend and study at the best school they work hard for.



Plays in

  1. Music Videos

    Music Video Showcase and Networking / 90 mins
    San Diego’s has a thriving diverse music community that often overlaps with our film community. This block features San Diego produced music videos that are as fun as they are creative. Want to meet more musicians or filmmakers? This is the event for you as it features a fully stocked bar and and a perfect venue for networking. Casual attire and a positive attitude encouraged. Featuring the artists Rich Varville, Rob Knauf, RC Krueger, Savannah Philyah, John Freeman, Edwin Franko, and Derrick Acosta.

    In This Program: Dead Heavens – Away From the Speed (Official Music Video), Dead Man Walking, She’s Mine, Body Type, Love Remains [Official Music Video], Veronica May- Tides, Vybesoul – Lost

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