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San Diego Film Week

Native Like Water: We’re Still Here

Directed by Nalini Asha Biggs

Doc Block / United States / 2017 / Activism, Indigenous, Native American, Teens, Water Rights, Young FIlmmakers, Youth / 16 mins / English / Color / Digital


In the summer of 2016 native and indigenous youth gathered at UCSD. We engaged in discussions about media activism, and with only a few hours of training we produced hours of audio and video footage. We worked together on our script, agreed on our film structure, tone, and point of view. We engaged in self critique over both our product and our process. This is our story.
“We are not living stereotypes. We are not redskins. We are not diggers. We don’t all live in tipis. Some of us don’t. We are all different, yet still the same. We just want to be proud of who we are, and to embrace our culture. To be native is to be like water, to be on the earth like water. Water is the blood of the earth. And we want everyone to know that we’re still here.”



Plays in

  1. Doc Block – Shorts Program

    Doc Block / 120 mins
    Compelling documentaries show you things about the world that you may never know otherwise. Documentaries are often our historians, capturing human level stories and insight into the world around us. This block features stories with local and international themes, teaching us about our surroundings, our world and each other.

    In This Program: Captain Bowen’s Story, A New Stellar Order, Rifleman’s Violin, Places Like This, Growing up Hip Hop, Dislocation Blues, Native Like Water: We’re Still Here

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