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San Diego Film Week

Mega64: Tetris

Directed by Derrick Acosta

My First Film / United States / 2006 / 1 mins



Director's Bio

Derrick Acosta (born 1985) is a a writer, actor, editor, and co-founder for Mega64. He portrays Horatio and Derek in the show. He has also appeared on nearly every single Mega64 podcast. His podcast etiquette is subjectively brilliant, and he is always the first to chime in on something about nature, being somewhat of a wildlife fan. He is very outspoken, and very sociable. Derrick also plays some critical characters in the series, with a steady hand he guides the camera and centers it on the action and that is how we get the images onscreen. His approach to filmmaking comes off as all in good fun to the audience.

Plays in

  1. My First Film – Shorts Program

    My First Film
    We all start somewhere. All filmmakers have a “first film” and this block showcases some of those “gems”. Whether it’s a nostalgic memory of the experience of making it, or the awkward glimpse into the challenges of first time films, this block is sure to entertain. Featuring first films from some of San Diego’s most prolific filmmakers and actors including David S. Dawson, Randy Davison, Cristyn Chandler, Mark Atkinson, Jonathan Hammond, Jodi Cilley, Jordan Jacobo, Robert Partridge, William Wall and Mega 64.

    In This Program: Innocence Faded, Chuckie No Cheese!, Not This Part of the World, The Big Date, When Beauty Dies, Stair Racers, Stash, Midnight Snack, Point of Infection, Mega64: Tetris

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