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San Diego Film Week

$5 Movie

Directed by Devin Scott

Oldie but Goodie / United States / 2001 / 15 mins / English / Color / 35mm


Five identical scenarios produced by a film maker in various stages of his life with various budgets.



Plays in

  1. Oldie but Goodie – Shorts Program

    Oldie but Goodie
    This should really be called “Time Capsule films”! San Diego filmmakers have been making films since long before we introduced San Diego Film Week. This block features films produced from the 80’s to present. These films are early films or a “first film” by some of our younger community members. Many of these films have never seen the big screen, until now! Featuring “old” or “first” films from Bob Gardner, David S. Dawson, Susan Davis, Jeanne and Devin Scott and Clarke M. Smith. Hosted by Wally Schlotter- Multiple Emmy winner and San Diego Film Commissioner from 1976 to 1996.

    In This Program: Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer: DAY 05, Contamination, $5 Movie, Better Cooking Through Chemistry, Hammer Time, My Beautiful Wickedness, Nite Moves, An Early Grave

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