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San Diego Film Week

Indie Film Distribution Checklist

Film Market Workshops / Workshop


Before you even start making your independent film, you should know what you’ll need to get distribution for it. Taught by local producer Lisa Bruhn, along with Michael Madison and Linda Nelson from IndieRights, this workshop will go over the specific things that you should plan for if you will be looking for distribution. Don’t go at it blindly, we’ll even provide a checklist as to what EXACTLY you will need to pull off to make it happen. Ready to take the plunge into feature filmmaking? This is the workshop for you.


Workshop Instructor:  Lisa Bruhn

Lisa Bruhn is an indie film producer and writer, as well as high-tech sales & marketing Exec. Lisa augments her business background and connections to successfully set up film projects for success. Contracts, talent management, financing, distribution and marketing are Bruhn’s key strengths. Lisa released an indie feature film CARVING A LIFE which she wrote and produced. It is available on several VOD platforms including Amazon in over 26 countries.

Lisa has two other scripts which are in development to be produced in 2018/2019 and has optioned four other feature film projects currently being developed. Lisa attends AFM, EFM, and Cannes film markets for investment, sales, and distribution meetings with film executives.

Lisa’s education includes Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Certificate from UCSD in Business Management, and recently she completed UCLA Extension certificates in Feature Film Writing 2017 and Independent Producing in 2018.