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San Diego Film Week

The Shot That Makes the Film- Cinematography Workshop

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In every film production there comes a frame or two that tells the director, “We’ve got a movie!”. Award winning cinematographer Bill Bork ( Amalgamated Grommets) will share some of his favorite clips from his award winning films and commercials as he takes us behind the scenes. Observe the tough decision-making process a veteran cinematographer working with a Director must make to advance the storyline. Learn the balance between getting a great shot and getting the right shot.

About the Instructor: Originally from Chicago, Bill Bork’s passion is lighting and film making.  He’s worked as a cinematographer for over 40 years and his films have won over 10 awards, including “Best Cinematography” at the 2014 San Diego Film Awards and five times at the 5 times at the 48 Hour Film Project.  As a member of the San Diego based production team, the Amalgamated Grommets, he enjoys shooting narrative films as well as commercials, documentaries and events.  Hire him at or