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San Diego Film Week

Financing Your Independent TV, Film, and Online Content 101 – More Money, Less Problems

Film Market Workshops / Workshop


Anyone creating independent TV, film, or online content has to wear many diverse hats these days. To be a professional filmmaker means not just knowing how to produce film, but how to handle financing. Come learn about the legal and business aspects of film financing .


Taught by Barbara Hopkins of Deverett Media Group : Barbara Hopkins is the Vice President of Deverett Media Group, a film & TV production/distribution company. In her role Barb coordinates the smooth handling of complex and intricate expenditures associated with film production and distribution including tax credits, advertising sales, syndication, contract payments and royalty reporting. In addition, she oversees all office operations, supervises film and metadata deliveries worldwide, and administers corporate governance.  Barbara is an Honor’s graduate of the University of Michigan with a degree in Business Communications.