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San Diego Film Week

San Diego Film Week Events

San Diego Film Week offers screenings, parties and workshops highlighting San Diego’s top film festivals, talented filmmakers, and creative film organizations

  • The Coatsworth-Higgins of San Junipero

    Jonathan Hammond / Just For Laughs, 48 Hour Film Project / United States / 2017 / 8 mins

    A whimsical family comedy about the murder of their neighbor, and the Police Detective's attempts at solving said murder.

  • Comic Relief – Shorts Program

    Comic Relief / 90 mins

    San Diego loves comedy. Comic Relief features a variety of comedy shorts that will have you laughing for hours.

  • Coming and Going in Vegas (TRUESD)

    David M. Gutel / True SD Screenings and The Realist Tendency / United States / 2018 / 11 mins

    Frank is a former poker tournament champion and recovering gambling addict who lost it all in pursuit of the big payoff. Struggling to cope with his gambling impulses, debts, and separation from his wife and kids, Frank gets the news that his uncle has taken ill. Although he is worried about his beloved aunt and uncle in their time of need, Frank is also a bit resentful for having to drive back to see them in the one place he fears going to the most: Las Vegas. Made for the Film Consortium "True San Diego" Competition 2017

  • Company

    Shawn Donovan / Right in the Feels / United States / 2017 / 9 mins

    a woman's robot husband is about to be repossessed unless she can find work

  • Contamination

    Clarke M. Smith / Oldie but Goodie / United States / 1987 / 9 mins

    Dark tale of mind altering water that makes its way to a small farming community. "Contamination" is a 1987 University of Arizona college film. Made for Beginning Film Production, it garnered a "A", with a note by the teacher, indicating that it set a new level for future students to live up to.

  • Contigo

    Julia Margarita Quiceno / SD ❤ LA / 2017

    Contigo (With you) is a story about a girl that reconnects with her love for writing years after her father passes away.

  • Contrasts

    SD ❤ TJ, Universidad de las Californias Internacional / Mexico / 5 mins

    A look at life of a dealer and transvestite.

  • The Crossroads Demon

    Kyle Lawrence Wright / Comic Relief / United States / 2017 / 5 mins

    With nothing else to lose, Caleb pays a visit to the Demon that took everything from him.

  • Crushed In Space

    Janice Chun / Comic Relief, Pacific Arts Movement / United States / 2017 / 6 mins

    The Asteroid Belt An unrequited romance They are coworkers.

  • Daisy Belle

    William Wall / SD ❤ LA / United States / 2017 / 12 mins

    A robot named "Oono" cares for his owner while mysterious creatures lurk in the strange world outside.