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San Diego Film Week

San Diego Film Week Events

San Diego Film Week offers screenings, parties and workshops highlighting San Diego’s top film festivals, talented filmmakers, and creative film organizations

  • We All Need Someone

    Eli Himelstein / Feature Films / United States / 2017 / Comedy, Dark Comedy, Drama, Romance / 13 mins

    Pedro and Lacey love each other, but he has been acting strangely. His new imaginary friend isn't helping their relationship either. After Lacey breaks up with him, Pedro is determined to get her back. How far will he go for love?

  • What Goes Bump in the Night

    Nate Elegino / A Decade of Film- the Best of SDSU Shorts Part A / 2014 / Comedy, Drama / 5 mins

    What goes bump in the night may be scarier than what you can imagine.

  • Indie Film Distribution Checklist

    Film Market Workshops / Workshop

    Before you even start making your independent film, you should know what you'll need to get distribution for it. Taught by local producer Lisa Bruhn, along with Michael Madison and Linda Nelson from IndieRights, this workshop will go over the specific things that you should plan for if you will be looking for distribution. Don't go at it blindly, we'll even provide a checklist as to what EXACTLY you will need to pull off to make it happen. Ready to take the plunge into feature filmmaking? This is the workshop for you.

  • What’s My Line?

    Nalini Asha Biggs / A Woman's Place / United States / 2016 / art, Autism, Design, disability, Drawing, Experimental, Painting / 8 mins

    When I was little I never knew what to say. So, I drew. Since I was very, very small I’ve kept a small sketchbook with me. I take it with me everywhere. I draw the world, and sometimes I collage pieces of things. It’s never been for anyone else, my sketchbook. It's just how I survive in a world that simple isn't designed for me, an Autistic person. Because drawing is transformative. It’s meditative. This is a visual essay of what I experience when I hyperfocus on art, something only people like me can do. Drawing is the purest projection of my own soul.

  • The Wheeler of Oz

    William Wall / Oldie but Goodie / 2010 / 11 mins

    The story of a creature called Maliphet, whose journey will unknowingly have a profound impact in the history of Oz we know today.

  • When Beauty Dies

    John Romais / My First Film / United States / 2000 / 9 mins

    "We need to talk." Nothing good ever follows those four words. Sometimes love doesn't cure all. Sometimes love might not even exist, but behind every lie lies the truth. Starring Cristyn Chandler and Timothy Schubert.

  • A Whole Intervention

    Jason Ferrell / Just For Laughs / United States / 2017 / 20 mins

    A man in need of a serious attitude adjustment is confronted by his friends and family for a personality intervention.

  • A Woman’s Place – Shorts Program

    A Woman's Place / 90 mins

    Supporting and showcasing women on the big-screen is important now more than ever. This block features films that were made with women in prominent positions behind the camera. Whether it’s as a producer, director, DP or writer or editor, this block just goes to show you that A Woman’s Place is on the big screen!

  • The State of Women in Film

    Film Market Panels / Panel / 90 mins

    With the recent #metoo and #timesup movement, the state of women in film has never been a hotter topic. Despite the influence of this movement, women still represent a small percentage of people in positions of power in the overall film industry. How do we change this? How does our own local film community fit into the puzzle? What can we do here locally to insure that women not only survive in this industry, but thrive? We'll answer these questions with some of San Diego's super powered women who are making things happen in spite of the odds. Featuring Sue Vicory (My Power of One, Heartland Films) , Jodi Cilley (Film Consortium San Diego, San Diego Film Awards) Lori Jones (Producer, Actress) and Tonya Mantooth (San Diego International Film Festival)

  • Wonderland Syndrome

    Meghan Courtney / True SD Screenings and The Realist Tendency / 2018 / 15 mins

    A girl college student with epileptic and bipolar disorder, accidently mixes her prescription with over the counter medicine when she contracts pneumonia, and starts to hallucinate. This film was made for the Film Consortium’s “Make a Short Film on a Low (or no!) Budget” Workshop