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San Diego Film Week

San Diego Film Week Events

San Diego Film Week offers screenings, parties and workshops highlighting San Diego’s top film festivals, talented filmmakers, and creative film organizations

  • The Pact

    Nonie D. Clark / Right in the Feels / United States / 2017 / 10 mins

    A grieving family has chosen a desperate fate. A final selfless gift may be their salvation.

  • Pass/Fail

    cassidy mitchell, Tristan Vakili / A Woman's Place, 48 Hour Film Project / United States / 2017 / 6 mins

    Can robots learn to love?

  • The Patio: A Bad Parody To Bad Movie

    Mark Atkinson / Just For Laughs / United States / 2017 / Comedy, Experimental, Parody / 6 mins

    An intentionally bad parody to the unintentionally bad 2003 cult movie The Room.

  • Pitch Perfect Package

    Film Market Workshops / Workshop / 120 mins

    No amount of slick graphics or trendy buzzwords can fix a bad pitch. Improve your chances of getting your feature film funded or distributed by building the perfect pitch package for your film . The Perfect Pitch workshop will show you what investors and distributors want to see and hear when you are pitching your project. Led by Producer Chris Cashman (Club Frontera, A Life Lived) and Producer Rebecca Reyes (Samuel Project, The Playground).

  • Places Like This

    Nicholas McNaughton / Doc Block, GI Film Festival San Diego / United States / 2016 / 9 mins

    In this visually stunning and emotionally charged film, eleven veterans come from all over the country seeking peace, answers, and direction through the Outward Bound program as they work to reach a peak of more than 13,000 feet.

  • Plastic Seas

    Jeneene Chatowski, Stephanie Diaz, Philip Wansch / A Decade of Film- the Best of SDSU Shorts Part B / 2012 / Activism, Documentary / 11 mins

    Pollution in our waters has a catastrophic effect.

  • Point of Infection

    Jodi CIlley / My First Film / United States / 2012 / 12 mins

    Infected with a deadly virus, a man desperately searches for his family, only to discover that the person they are hiding from is him. Directed by Jodi Cilley. This was the first narrative film she ever worked on!

  • #Prayerz4Vito (TRUESD)

    Brandon Manderson / True SD Screenings and The Realist Tendency / United States / 2018 / 8 mins

    A young man is quickly forced to face the reality of contracting a deadly disease. Made for the Film Consortium "True San Diego" Competition 2017