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San Diego Film Week

San Diego Film Week Events

San Diego Film Week offers screenings, parties and workshops highlighting San Diego’s top film festivals, talented filmmakers, and creative film organizations

  • Mug

    John Freeman / Fun Factory, 48 Hour Film Project / United States / 2017 / dark humor, Fish out of Water, satire, stinger, Unexpected ending, women in film / 7 mins



    Leví Francsico Quiroz Chavez / SD ❤ TJ, Universidad de las Californias Internacional / Mexico / 2017 / 6 mins

    Mauricio Pino gives us a brief look at one of the most interesting places in the city of Tijuana; MULLME, the first and only museum of the Mexican wrestling in the country. We will discover the history and use of the multiple objects displayded in this museum.

  • Music Videos

    Music Video Showcase and Networking / 90 mins

    San Diego’s has a thriving diverse music community that often overlaps with our film community. This block features San Diego produced music videos that are as fun as they are creative. Want to meet more musicians or filmmakers? This is the event for you as it features a fully stocked bar and and a perfect venue for networking. Casual attire and a positive attitude encouraged. Featuring the artists Rich Varville, Rob Knauf, RC Krueger, Savannah Philyah, John Freeman, Edwin Franko, and Derrick Acosta.

  • Mute

    Isaiah Moore / A Decade of Film- the Best of SDSU Shorts Part A / 2017 / Drama / 4 mins

    There's always a way to connect.

  • My Beautiful Wickedness

    Devin Scott / Oldie but Goodie / United States / 2003 / 7 mins

    Bad things can happen to children when the cycle of abuse is not broken. A powerful and disturbing look inside the mind of a child molester.

  • My First Film – Shorts Program

    My First Film

    We all start somewhere. All filmmakers have a “first film” and this block showcases some of those “gems”. Whether it’s a nostalgic memory of the experience of making it, or the awkward glimpse into the challenges of first time films, this block is sure to entertain. Featuring first films from some of San Diego’s most prolific filmmakers and actors including David S. Dawson, Randy Davison, Cristyn Chandler, Mark Atkinson, Jonathan Hammond, Jodi Cilley, Jordan Jacobo, Robert Partridge, William Wall and Mega 64.

  • Native Like Water: We’re Still Here

    Nalini Asha Biggs / Doc Block / United States / 2017 / Activism, Indigenous, Native American, Teens, Water Rights, Young FIlmmakers, Youth / 16 mins

    In the summer of 2016 native and indigenous youth gathered at UCSD. We engaged in discussions about media activism, and with only a few hours of training we produced hours of audio and video footage. We worked together on our script, agreed on our film structure, tone, and point of view. We engaged in self critique over both our product and our process. This is our story. "We are not living stereotypes. We are not redskins. We are not diggers. We don’t all live in tipis. Some of us don’t. We are all different, yet still the same. We just want to be proud of who we are, and to embrace our culture. To be native is to be like water, to be on the earth like water. Water is the blood of the earth. And we want everyone to know that we’re still here."

  • The Negative

    Ben Brahem Zirjab & Mate Boegi / A Decade of Film- the Best of SDSU Shorts Part A / 2016 / Drama / 8 mins

    An aging photographer is lost searching for the perfect photograph.

  • A New Stellar Order

    Barbarella Fokos, David Fokos / Doc Block / United States / 2017 / art, Science / 17 mins

    As a graphic designer and science illustrator for NASA’s Chandra X-Ray Observatory, Melissa Walter has spent a career interpreting the known universe. With her fine art work, she moves beyond literal expressions of planets and stars to create her own cosmos. In this short film, viewers will be drawn into Walter’s world of astronomical inspirations as she shares insights about her process on select works, including Dark Energy, her recent installation piece.

  • Nite Moves

    Oldie but Goodie / United States / 5 mins

    An early film from multi- Emmy award winner Bob Gardner. Shot on 16mm film, this short showcases the nightlife of downtown San Diego in 1972.