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San Diego Film Week

San Diego Film Week Events

San Diego Film Week offers screenings, parties and workshops highlighting San Diego’s top film festivals, talented filmmakers, and creative film organizations

  • Just For Laughs – Shorts Program

    Just For Laughs / 90 mins

    San Diego loves comedy. Just for Laughs features a variety of comedy shorts that will have you giggling . You might pee your pants a little…

  • Just Like That: A San Diego Love Story

    Kyle Lawrence Wright / Fun Factory / United States / 2017 / 6 mins

    San Diego is down and depressed after the Chargers recent announcement to leave for Los Angeles...

  • Pictures of Deceit

    Kyle Stocking / Emerging Filmmakers, San Diego City College / 7 mins

    A newspaper journalist murders somebody in self defense and makes it look like a crime scene so he can use it as his next big story.

  • La Boquet

    Julien Segard & Romain Carciofo / Comic Relief, San Diego International Film Festival / France / 2017 / 10 mins

    Fate may or may not be on the side of a terribly late groom who forgot the bride's boquet.

  • La Vie En Rose

    Audrey Sutton and Carl Ling / Emerging Filmmakers / United States / 2017 / 7.5 mins

    A girl comes across a pair of magical glasses that lets her see the positive side of life. Produced by the Media Arts Center San Diego's Teen Producers Project.

  • The Last Job

    Isaac Brown / SD ❤ TJ, Universidad de las Californias Internacional / United States / 7 mins

    The life of a killer always ends for many reasons and one of those reasons is for a girl, but the girl is the love of the killer's boss, who wants to kill her and to finish the debt, the killer was send him to kill her, without knowing the killer and the girl are in secret in love.

  • Late Night – Shorts Program

    Late Night / 105 mins

    This adults only screening features films that go past the boundaries and show the murkier, sexier, edgier side of life. Don’t show up expecting puppies and rainbows- this block contains films with imagery that you cannot unsee.

  • Lift

    Karla Loperena / SD ❤ TJ, San Diego City College / Mexico / 2018 / 3 mins

    CrossFit athlete Mariana talks about her history with sports and what it's like to face stereotypes of being a woman who does heavy training.

  • LIT Program Commercial

    Bill Wisneski / Fun Factory / 2017 / 2 mins

    This commercial was created to promote Palomar College's Library Information Technology program. The goal was to inspire someone to get more information about the program by illustrating the positive impacts graduates can have on people.

  • Little Love Lost (TRUESD)

    Derrick Acosta / True SD Screenings and The Realist Tendency / 2018 / 15 mins

    A young woman, Kennedy, must wrestle with the discovery that her newest friend, Trish, actually wants nothing to do with her. Does Kennedy move on with her life, or does she plot her former friends ultimate humiliation and downfall? Of course, it's the latter. Made for the Film Consortium "True San Diego" Competition 2017