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San Diego Film Week

2018 San Diego Film Week Award Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the San Diego Film Week Genre and Audience Awards as well as the winners of the first ever Film Con Challenge.

Genre Awards


Best Drama:

The Foster Portfolio

San Diego International Film Festival


Best Realist:  

Santa Claus

San Diego Asian Film Festival


Best Comedy:

Bye, Bye, Baby

New Filmmakers LA


Best Late Night:


Neon Midnight Entertainment


Best Horror/Sci-Fi/ Fantasy:

Daisy Belle

By Halo Cinematic


Best Oldie But Goodie

$5 Movie

By American Dream Cinema


Audience Choice Awards


Audience Choice Feature

Carving a Life by Life in Reels Productions


Audience Choice Short Film

Sometimes it Wakes you Up by Karla Loperena


Audience Choice Short Film Runner Up
Wonderland Syndrome


Film Con Challenge


Film Con Challenge 1st Place

Isabel by Grooveko Productions


Film Con Challenge 2nd Place

Little Love Lost by T.D. Philostrate