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San Diego Film Week

A Woman’s Place

A Woman's Place

A Woman’s Place

Museum of Photographic Arts
February 13, 2017 8:00 pm


In This Program

  1. The Appointment

    Pia Thrasher and Jared Jacobsen / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Drama / 8.5 mins
    Paul, a seasoned hitman, receives an invitation to meet his boss in person, a very rare opportunity. His excitement is diminished when he meets Alex, an ambitious hitwoman, who has been called in for an appointment at the same time. Will there be a promotion, or a firing?

  2. Black Christmas

    Susan Davis / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Drama / 6 mins
    A man is accused of attacking a woman in a parking lot. A crowd appears and he must try to convince them of his innocence.

  3. The Book of Judith

    Don Sano / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Drama / 14 mins
    "A horrific secret shared by two young girls leads one of them down a tragic path as she seeks a solution based upon a misconception of belief. This film examines the unintended consequences that any belief can have on both individuals and society when not fortified with wisdom and benevolence. The main character, Judith, represents a generic microcosm for any type of belief which paints everything as pure black or white; a world devoid of the colors and complexities which characterize a life of normality and imperfection. The film's central theme explores the transformative, almost blinding nature of belief itself; in that given the right circumstances; such as misconceptions or a lack of understanding and perspective's belief is capable of transforming even someone innocent into a primal force of darkness."

  4. Dannie Marie – Countin’ Down Summertime

    Frank Forth and Laurel Moore / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Music Video
    This is the official music video for San Diego pop country artist Dannie Marie's radio single "Countin' Down Summertime" -- a song about wanting the magic of a summer romance to last forever. The story line of the music video revolves around a tailgate party, line dancing, a moonlit lake, and a young couple who meet and fall in love. The song is getting airplay on radio stations in small and medium markets across the US.

  5. Desperadas

    David Oleary / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Drama / 11 mins
    Unable to escape her unthinkable past, the best in Olivia's life suddenly brings her back to the best and worst of her past. It was a time when desperate lovers became bandits to escape their demon, only to be hunted by it.

  6. Enchanted Kingdom

    Jimmy Bates / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Music Video / 4 mins
    At night, a young girl living in an enchanted forest dreams of belonging to a family. She wakes up alone and spends her growing years wandering the enchanted lands searching for this family, all while being guided by the magic of an artist. The girl reaches adulthood and casually stumbles upon a blank canvas in the forest clearing. She approaches with a vague sense of familiarity and then quickly realizes that she and the artist are one and the same. Using the magic of her art, she guides her younger self to the family she's dreamed of, saving herself from a life of loneliness. Featuring local SD artist Tara Ralls and her family.

  7. Fear Binds

    Natalie Lauer / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Drama / 15.5 mins
    A sick writer Dales is wrongfully accused of an assault. To clear his name he prods Detective Lily Blanka to remember her blocked past and the attacker she thought she killed - her husband.

  8. Holy

    Michael Brueggemeyer / A Woman's Place / USA / 9 / Music Video, Narrative / 9 mins
    San Diego's own Danielle LoPresti sings passionately about how her love for her beloved is divine. The performance is intercut with a narrative about a minister confronting some members of her flock about their sexuality/gender.

  9. Loser

    Michael Brueggemeyer / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Drama / 8 mins
    After years in jail, Beth returns to her family and friends only to find out it's not what she had imagined.

  10. Love is the Answer

    Carly Starr Brullo-Niles / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Documentary, Trailer / 3 mins
    A Hollywood Producer. A Pilot. An Artist. A Veteran. A Missionary. A Wife. A Mother. Seven souls. One journey of life. Love Machine Films chronicles the experiences, dreams, and philosophies of seven dying individuals through reflective interviews, vintage home movies & words of wisdom for the living. The answers to some of life's most profound questions. Through poignant memories and anecdotes, LMF finds beauty, faith, a unanimous hope for the future of mankind and an uncontested belief in the power of love.

  11. The Meagan Orton Story

    Michael Brueggemeyer / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Documentary / 5 mins
    Meagan Orton lost her hearing, suddenly and without warning. This film tells the story of her path from the darkest of moments, to the lightness of being able to dance and hear again, because of her new Cochlear implant.

  12. Mirror

    Justice Parman / A Woman's Place / 2016 / Drama / 3 mins
    A young woman is troubled with how she is perceiving her own identity through the lens of her smartphone. This is short film has been adapted from the 1961 poem "Mirror" by Sylvia Plath.

  13. Palomar College

    Bill Wisneski / A Woman's Place / USA / 2016 / Commercial / 1 mins
    This is a television commercial highlighting the Digital Broadcast Arts program at Palomar College.

Dates & Times

A Woman’s Place

Museum of Photographic Arts
February 13, 2017 8:00 pm