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San Diego Film Week

A- List Acting Awards

Posted February 28th, 2017 by Jodi Cilley in Awards, Uncategorized

The A-List Acting Awards were presented at our Closing Party and Awards Ceremony!  This year we had a record number of A-List Actors- proving that San Diego Actors are out there and working hard on local films.  Congratulations to the many honorees!

Apollo Askew

Brian Butler

Caroline Amiguet

Connor Sullivan

Craig Herdrich

Cristyn Chandler

Derrick Acosta

Dominic Lerma

Dustin Roller

Gage Magosin

George Jac

Jay Jee

Jon Maxwell

Jordan Jacobo

Karl Backus

Karenssa LeGear

Kristin Naomi Garcia

Laura Bohlin

Laura Marie Davis

Letizia Baker

Lisa Galer

Lisa Winans

Lori Jones

Luke Pensabene

M Keala Milles

Marci Krown

Mark Atkinson

Mark Anthony Cox

Mark Allyn

Merrick McCartha

Natalia Sevilla

Noah Kipnis,

Raye Richards

Rocco Botte

Ron Christopher Jones

Shane P. Allen

Shelly Ro

Sofia Carrillo

Stephanie De Silva

Taylor Barnes

Tyler J. Oakley

Whitney Wegman

Congratulations again to all the talented and hard-working A-List Actors!

If you are an A-List Actor, please send your short bio, headshot and contact info for us to use to publicize and promote you to: